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Summary of the Results

Results of 2007-2008

“The goal for the last year was to process collected deep core and interpret collected field data so we have better ideas about depth and ice flow conditions.”

  • First sampling was conducted at the Detroit Plateau in February 2007
  • In November- December 2007, deep ice core site was selected and two 130 and 20 meters ice cores were recovered
  • Snow pit chemistry data available
  • Spring Meeting in Orono ME
  • Three meters from the deep part of the core were melted
  • June 2008, CCI submitted proposal to NSF for Detroit Plateau analytical work
  • Summer 2008 collaborative proposal was submitted to INACH
  • September 2008 tephra work for fingerprinting was done on microprobe
  • In October 2008 depth to bedrock was estimated
  • In November- December 2008 new insight on accumulation rate were obtained from ground measurements

Future plans:

  1. Process 130 meters core
  2. Submit CASA proposal.
  3. Prepare deep drilling expedition in November-December, 2009.